John Gould – Chief Executive Officer

John founded Avatar Software in 2003 with the view of becoming the premier boutique software development firm in the Nashville area.  He has over 15 years of experience developing software and managing successful projects for companies from 5 employees up to 50,000.  John started developing mobile applications in 2010 and as he saw the increasing need for spectacular mobile app developers, he co-founded Codex Labs to offer mobile development training for Appcelerator’s Titanium Studio.


In late 2014, John co-founded Black Gate Games, which quickly acquired the Platino Game Engine in order to continue development on the engine and bring modern game development tools and features to the Titanium ecosystem.  John has spoken at conferences and local users groups about mobile development, gamification, game development and entertainment, and Enterprise development methodologies and is an active member of the growing Nashville technology scene.

Peach Pellen – Chief Technology Officer

Peach is a Platino expert, having been involved with the engine since its inception. Originally Head of Developer Relations at Ansca Mobile, creator of the Corona SDK, she moved to Lanica when the Platino Game Engine was created in 2012. As Senior Technical Writer, she wrote the majority of the engine’s tutorials and documentation, and is well-known as the go-to community contact for Platino’s many licensees.


When not evangelizing Platino, she found time to create Techority, a website devoted to helping new developers learn how to create apps on a variety of platforms. And as if that weren’t enough, she is also a regular contributor to App Developer magazine, continuing to share her knowledge and passion for app-creation.


Peach co-founded Black Gate Games in order to continue her devotion to quality app development as CTO and Director of Product Development overseeing what has become Platino Studio.  She also manages, spiritual successor to Techority, answers forum posts, and tries her very best to answer each and every email (so long as they’re polite, of course).

Joseph Austin – Lead Developer

Joseph is a Nashville-based software developer with a young but broad background in both professional and hobbyist work. Originally an English major, he has always had a passion for storytelling, particularly interactive storytelling. His love of games and computer science eventually won over, and he was able to move directly out of college into a full-time position working on back-end development for EDAS inc, where he became the lead developer of an industry-grade jet engine pre-testing tool called GageMap.


In 2014, five years after the beginning of his career, Joseph separated from EDAS and began to hunger for something more aligned with his love for the marriage of science and art. Being firmly rooted in the Nashville area, Black Gate Games was an obvious fit. Today, he assists in adding power and stability to the Platino engine.


In his spare time, Joseph continues to expand his knowledge with both web and game development.

Spun Counterguy – Creative Director

James Timberlake – Developer

Hetal Bhatt – Marketing Manager

Hetal (rhymes with “metal”) handles the frontmost end at Black Gate Games, running social media, blogging, and PR operations.


No stranger to Platino, Hetal was the publicity engineer at Lanica, from whom Black Gate acquired the game engine. He got his start in mobile gaming prior to that at Ansca Mobile, creators of the Corona SDK. In less geekier endeavors, he also has headed publicity/social media for clothing brands, musicians, and even an ice cream company.


Hetal has degrees from Stanford University and the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign, both of which are collecting impressive amounts of dust somewhere in his parents’ closet.

Kota Iguchi – Advisor

Kota Iguchi, is the founder and CEO of Infosia Inc. based in Hokkaido, Japan. Working as a software developer for 12 years in Japan, Kota has experience in a diverse area of developing enterprise software and embedded systems using C/C++, C# and Java.


Kota is also the founder and developer of couple of open-source projects for gaming like e3roid, emo-framework and QuickTiGame2d.


Kota brings his experience in mobile game engine development to Black Gate Games. Based out of Hokkaido, Kota is the original Architect of Platino.



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