Joseph Austin – Lead Developer

Joseph is a Nashville-based software developer with a young but broad background in both professional and hobbyist work. Originally an English major, he has always had a passion for storytelling, particularly interactive storytelling. His love of games and computer science eventually won over, and he was able to move directly out of college into a full-time position working on back-end development for EDAS inc, where he became the lead developer of an industry-grade jet engine pre-testing tool called GageMap.


In 2014, five years after the beginning of his career, Joseph separated from EDAS and began to hunger for something more aligned with his love for the marriage of science and art. Being firmly rooted in the Nashville area, Black Gate Games was an obvious fit. Today, he assists in adding power and stability to the Platino engine.


In his spare time, Joseph continues to expand his knowledge with both web and game development.

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